In this section you will be able to access information that will assist you with questions you may have regarding our Airpark.    We are a private, gated community officially known as Mohave Sun Valley Property Owners Association (MSVPOA), an Arizona non-profit corporation.  As such, we do have CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Rules, but most people find us a pretty easy going, fun neighborhood.  Click on the links to view these documents.

We have a total of 107 residential lots, of which 53 have houses and 47 of those have hangars. Several more building projects are in the planning or initial construction stages.  All lots have direct paved access to the airport’s 3,700 foot runway.  We are an aviation oriented community with most property owners being pilots, airplane owners, or just aviation enthusiasts.  We have approximately 29 airplanes based here in the Airpark, with another 8 to 10 that are here part time.    They include a J-3 Cub, Cessna 150s to 310s, Bonanzas, Cherokees, Comanches, Mooneys, Navion, and occasionally a King Air 350.