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Transient aircraft are welcome to the airport with overnight availability.  

Contact the airport FBO @ 760.315.5096


Visiting Pilots

If you are having friends pick you up at Sun Valley Airport please tell them to enter the Airport from the west side. Access to the west side of the airport can be made from El Rodeo onto Bison. Parking is available near the FBO Building.


Airport Info

Use traffic pattern on Eastern side only (left hand traffic for runway 18, right hand for runway 36) plane
Identifier & CTAF/Unicom

Identifier: A20

CTAF/Unicom: 122.975

Elevation, Runway, & Instructions

Elevation: 725 Feet

Runway: 18-36

Activate Lights & VASI – Click your Mic 3 times on 122.975

Pilot Information

For Detailed Information, Please Contact Us

Mohave Sun Valley Property
Owners Association
(928) 768-9192
PO Box 9563
Ft. Mohave, AZ 86427


Contact the Airport FBO office at
(760) 315-5096

Mohave Sun Valley Airpark


PO Box 9563
Ft. Mohave, AZ 86427

Phone Number

(928) 768 -9192

Business Hours

Mon. – Fri. 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

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